The expert professionals at George Bartee Construction have years of experience in the oilfield, excavation, and pipeline construction industries. Our team is fully capable of performing a wide range of additional services, like well site preparation, right of way clearing, lake building, and various commercial and residential construction projects in East Texas.

Our Services

Our oilfield services & construction services

Oilfield Services

George Bartee Construction offers a variety of oil and gas construction services to our clients in the oilfield. By employing talented and experienced professionals capable of working within strict time frames and in the harshest conditions common to the oilfield, we can organize and mobilize our equipment and crews to meet any deadline.

From our location in Grapeland, Texas, we offer economical pricing, fast and efficient work, attention to detail, and a dependable team with a remarkable reputation for high quality finished projects.

If you’re in need of oilfield construction services, contact George Bartee Construction today.

Excavation Services

George Bartee Construction provides professional excavation services with the heavy equipment you need to complete any and all dirt work projects.

Whether you’re looking to construct or maintain a road, build a pad, dig a landfill, or otherwise, we have the qualified operators and expertise to get the job done under any deadline. Whether your job is large or small, we can handle any project or challenge you throw our way. Contact George Bartee Construction today for all your excavation service needs.

Pit Reclamation

One of the most important aspects of heavy dirt work is making sure your location goes back to the appearance of a natural landscape once your project is complete. The environmental compliance, permitting, and efficiency needs of facilities and businesses in the oil field are very particular, and we work hard to accommodate the needs of our clients.

At George Bartee Construction, our years of experience in the industry coupled with top-of-the-line equipment and trained professionals means we can save you money and restore your location with unparalleled skill. Contact us for your site reclamation as well as excavation projects and oilfield service needs.

Right of Way Clearing

Roadways often require regular upkeep to perform consistently over the duration of a project. By clearing right of ways for power lines and pipelines, George Bartee Construction helps to ensure reliable service and safe conditions for your employees and equipment.

Without regular right of way maintenance, your crews may be unable to access your well sites, or have difficulty maneuvering on and off the job site in general. For proper right of way cleaning services, contact George Bartee Construction today.

Dump Trucks

Our wide range of services are also bolstered by our excellent selection of heavy equipment. Our dump trucks are capable of fast-paced dirt and debris moving to help you meet your construction deadlines with ease.

Regardless of the terrain, George Bartee Construction offers dump truck services to customers in the oil and gas field to make any excavation project move with speed and efficiency. Contact George Bartee Construction today to learn more about our dump truck services.

Lake Building

Whether you want a lake or pond dug for your residence or business, George Bartee Construction has the equipment and expertise to move your dirt promptly, safely, and in adherence to environmental standards. Through the use of heavy equipment like bulldozers, backhoes, and dump trucks, we can efficiently dig your lake or pond and completely transform the natural landscape of your property.

Contact George Bartee Construction today to learn more about our lake building and excavation services!

Commercial/Residential Construction

George Bartee Construction also offers a vast array of commercial and residential construction services. Our years of experience in oilfield construction and excavation services have led to a true expertise in the construction industry, lending us a keen eye and an unmatched efficiency in planning and executing residential and commercial construction projects.

Our highly skilled and qualified team of construction experts are ready to handle any commercial or residential construction service from our location in Grapeland, Texas. Contact us today to learn more!

Well Site Preparation

George Bartee Construction has the resources and experience needed to accommodate any onsite construction needs you might have in the oil and gas industry.

We specialize in well site construction and preparation services including complete turnkey construction services to our clients in the oil and gas fields. We can help your project move faster than expected by securing required rights and permits, clearing and leveling surrounding land, constructing roads for equipment access, and constructing a pad that matches requirements.

George Bartee Construction is proud to offer a wide range of construction and excavation services to the oil and gas industry as well as to residential and commercial customers. If you’re in need of the services we provide, or simply have questions about our methods or equipment, feel free to contact George Bartee Construction today!